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“When the elves of Solinthilus are gone, blotted from the pages of history, who will say they remember them? I wish to say at that time, I do.”
Agonni Grimweller

A fragile peace between the races of Solinth is threatened after an extraordinary power is discovered deep within the bowels of the elven kingdom of Solinthilus. And as war looms once again, the dwarven kingdom of Stone Deep must now deliberate working with the very humans they’ve spent a lifetime waging war against to claim that power.

The enslaved elves of Solinthilus must face unimaginable odds to either survive the army at their doorstep or risk the annihilation of their entire race.

Agonni Grimweller, second son to the deputy clan chief of Clan Grimweller, was once a prominent name among the inhabitants of Stone Deep as a devoted husband and fierce soldier with an unsatiated taste for human blood. But one horrible event twenty years earlier changed everything.  Now, the tortured dwarf finds himself unexpectedly cast from his home and pulled on an impossible journey, in the company of unlikely companions, to confront this new threat on Solinthilus.  

The race to seize this great power has begun. Will diplomacy triumph? Or will war be the only option?


Warning: Not a child’s book.  Adult themes of war, graphic violence, and politics throughout.

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