When the Elves are Gone



About J.B. Allen

J.B. Allen has been a fan of dungeons, dragons and all things “fantasy” long before his beheading of Demogorgon at the tender age of eleven and well before it was considered “cool” to be a nerd. He remains an avid fantasy roleplayer to this day, and can still be heard boasting, “I never fudged a dice roll that didn’t need it.”
That same affection for swords and sorcery soon fueled a passion for storytelling, mainly about flawed characters in search of redemption, complicated magic, and the darkness of the soul. He reveals, “When writing about the horror of war and mankind’s propensity for violence, I believe it is important to be purposeful, not gratuitous in its detail, and the very recording of it should be brutally honest, haunting, and if possible, beautiful in its delivery.”
Allen rules his house with an iron (albeit arthritic) fist and a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.  He is the husband of a maiden warrior, and the father of a fair elf queen and a forest gnome, living in the wilds of southeast Michigan. He was a sergeant in the U.S. Army, serving as an airborne infantryman and has been a police officer for twenty years as a road patrol officer, SWAT team member, and crisis negotiator, which he credits for helping him to dwell deep within the mind of a warrior.
He is yet to win the lottery but has recently been celebrated for his revival of the saying, “Willy Nilly”.


When the Elves are Gone

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